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Help in thesis preparation and writing


Help in thesis preparation and writing

We offer the qualified service in writing candidate and doctoral theses, including PHD level for Western countries in Europe, CIS and the USA.

Dissertations are written at the level required for submissiontospecialized Academic councils and consideringscientific advisers’ remarks. Plagiarism is not allowed. All citations and borrowed materials are provided with references. We also offer service in increase of scientific work originality according to estimation of text originality.

The candidate thesis is a research as results solvingspecific tasks, very important for certain science field.

The thesis structure should follow the researchlogic, should consist of the title page, table of content, legend (if any), introduction, the main part dividedintochapters (three, preferably), subchapters if any (three, preferably), conclusion, reference, and appendices if any.

Theplan of working over the thesis should provide that the first variant of the wholethesis text to be submittedtothe faculty 8-10 months prior to the expecteddefense. It will allow to amend the thesis and to submit it for discussion at the nextfaculty meeting 3-4 months prior to the defense. Otherwise an applicant will be in haste, and the thesis quality will be lost.

As a rule, the process of doctoral or candidate thesiswriting includes:

І. The organizational and preparatory stage includingthe scientific adviser appointment, scientific support, scheduling, thesis theme choice and substantiation, thesis structure definition and updating, thesis planningand approval.

The theme choice, obviously, is the most responsible stage for post-graduate students or competitorssince it defines the future activity and definitely causes the result of the thesis. Practice shows that correcttheme selection is a half of success.

The thesis planat least initial is required for an applicant from the beginning. However it can be changed many times. The scientific adviserhelps the author to make the thesis plan. His duties include work overthe applicant’s schedule. In addition the scientific adviserrecommends the required literature, archival and statistical materials and other resources on the theme; fulfillsregularscheduledmeetingsand consultations; estimates the executed thesiscontent; approves the thesis submission for defense. Hence, the scientific adviserprovides the scientific and methodical assistance, regularly supervising work execution, corrects if required, recommends on expediency of decision, and also draws the conclusion about thesis readiness.

Published scientific paperson the thesis subjectare studied after an idea isdeveloped, i.e. a plan of the scientific research as specified earlier is reflected in the thesis subjectand plan. Such task provides a possibilitypurposefully to search for references on the chosen theme and to process other scientists’materialsas sources of the principalissuesare oftenstipulated in the previous researches.

ІІ. The thesis writing stage includes choice and approval of the thesis volume and structure, writing of an introduction, thesis chapters, a statistical analysis of results of the empirical research, writing of the thesis conclusion, amendments according toscientific adviser’s recommendations, writing of the author's abstract, scientific articles for the publication in scientific journals, provisions for participation in conferences and approbation of the obtained results.

ІІІ. A stage of defensepreparation including representation of the thesis to the scientific adviser, the scientific adviser’s approval for admission to the preliminary defense, the thesis learning by reviewers, reception of the scientific adviser’sand reviewers’ response, the report preparation, submission to the preliminary defense, the thesis development following by results of the preliminary defense.

IV. The defensestage includes a preliminary expert examination or defenseprocess depending on rules of the Academic council.

The dissertation is to have «Literature Review» (called differently)as any scientific work,i.e. the thesis author has to demonstrate in the thesis first chapter an issue current state in the science,what is investigated, and what not, remained unresolved problems, etc. For this purpose it is required to find and learn the scientific literature in Russian libraries and abroad.

Electronic documentsdelivery from online libraries, thanks to our specialists, becomes an easy process for youfor the following reasons. Since documents are stored in an electronic format, documents delivery is very convenient. Basically, to provide you with electronic copies in the country and abroad is not a problem at all. Your order will be executed very quickly; it can be almost instant.

We supply theses for a doctor's degree, master's theses and author's abstracts from the Russian State Library and V.I.Vernadsky's libraries. You can order one or several dissertations from the Russian State Library.

The Russian State Library theses and author's abstracts are sent on your e-mail. Sometimestheses have great volume and all filesare hard to send on ane-mail, especially if several dissertations are ordered. Therefore, for your convenience, we send a link to the supplied theses or the list of author's abstracts, where you can downloadyour order. The copy of the thesis or the author's abstract from the Russian State Library represents a set of images with the text in PDF format. We canrecognizethe text into MSWord for your convenience.

Our SciVerse Scopusskilled specialistswill help you to understand public activity of authors-scientists fromdifferent countries, institution rating bytheir authors’ publications, estimation of recognition degree and publicationlevel in the world community according to their citing, as domestic journals comparing to international editions in the appropriate subject, and as a whole in the national science development directions and its achievements, competitiveness and integration into the world scientific community.

SciVerse Scopus is an abstract database and scientometricplatform of Elsevier SciVerse ScopusPublishing Corporationand our specialists can help you to understand it, and to find the information on your thesis.

Currently, Scopus database contains over 49,3 million records, including 19 thousand scientific journals of 5 thousand publishing houses, 340 book series and 4,9 million conference papers. Editions are indexed in Scopus with the different chronological period, the most important scientific newspapers are presented by archives, from the first edition.

Scopus (ASJK) subjectheading list has 27 base thematic sections divided into 335 subsections, multidisciplinaryarticles are indexed in several sections. The branch covering is distributed as follows:

             Physical sciences (manufacture; power; computer sciences; mathematics; materialscience;Earth and planetary sciences; physics and astronomy; chemical technologies; chemistry) - 41 %;

             Medical sciences (medicine; veterinary management and veterinary medicine; medical specialties; nurse business; stomatology; pharmacology, toxicology and pharmaceutical sciences) - 40 %;

             Life sciences (biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology; immunology and microbiology; sciences about environment; neurosciences; agricultural and biological sciences) - 24 %;

             Social and humanitarian sciences (business, management and accounting; economy, econometrics and finance; study of artand humanities; psychology; social sciences; decision-making theories) - 12 %.

By geographical coverage Scopus is a universal database, and among indexed titles: 47 % are published in the Western Europe, 33% - North America, 9% - Asian-Pacific region, 5% - East Europe publishers (including about 300 Russian, 39 Belarusian and 37 Ukrainian journals) and 2% of publishers - Australia and Oceania, Africa and South America.

Scopus scientometricapparatus provides citing valuesfor scientific works in the editions published after 1996, i.e. references to all indexed resourcesare calculated in Scopus, but only in the resources published after 1996.In contrast toWeb of Science,Scopus does not use impact factors, instead of it Scopus journals receive public SJRindex.

Cooperation with us and our specialists’assistance will help you to save your time and to release you from worrying of enquiries into SciVerse Scopussystem.

Thus, writtentheses and articles, issued and checked by originality, will meet any requirementsof any demanding clients. Ordering work of our authors, you will receive the guaranteed complete scientific research, with urgency, practical importance, andscientific novelty.

In many countries the priority document template on a scientific recognition is PhD Diploma, indicating specialty.We help Russian and CIS post-graduate students to receive diplomas of Doctor of philosophy (USA PhD), Bachelor degreein the USA (BA, BSc), even staying at home.

Bachelor degree is a degree of higher education in the USA. Thisis mandatory for higher education.

According to the USA legislation, emigrants with PhD degree have advantages in citizenship granting. Those with a scientific degree get to an exclusive category of applicants.

Thanks to our cooperation, you can pass MA programs (master in the humanities), MSc (master of science), LLM (master in the law) goodfor managers in any sphere (finance, human resources, marketing, commerce and etc), and for those who want to improvethe professional qualification.

Long-term cooperation is our top priority, therefore, having ordered the master's thesis, you get the reliable friend for fruitful and confidential long relations.

At present, our authors can help to write theses, including PHD level for Western Europe, CIS and USA, practically on all humanitarian, natural and technical disciplines, including those our competitors refuse. our authors are not students and don’t thinkthat anyone can write a master's thesis. All our specialists have scientific degrees and writing basing on the new and actual information sources, and also own practical experience. For this reason the master's theses by our specialists are really unique and have scientific novelty.

Ourauthors will prepare your thesis in the agreed terms. Thanks to cooperation, you will save the time atthe thesis preparation and writing. Ordering our works, you willreceive the guaranteed complete scientific research, with urgency, practical importance, andscientific novelty.